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Network / Connectivity

Fiber & cabling

- Fully redundant fiber entry
- Multiple non-crossing cabling paths


Total Transit Capacity: 30 Gbps

Own Autonomous System (AS39923)

DDoS protected

Multiple TIER-1 ISP connections:
NTT Communications, Colt, Cogent


Total Peering Capacity: 54,5 Gbps

Multiple peering exchange connections:


Direct/Private peering: Destiny, 3starsnet

Carrier neutral

Even though we recommend to use our own redundant network you have the option to connect to a provider of your choice (depending on availability in the datacenter)

Point-to-point fiber

In cooperation with our fiber partners we offer the opportunity to connect* your company with a point-to-point fiber connection to one of our datacenters. You will be connected directly to our datacenter and your equipment ànd you can have a break-out for your regular internet connectivity within your company.

*depending on availability:
request an availability check

Network Looking Glass

Perform network and download tests at:

- Datacenter Zaventem
- Datacenter Leuven

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